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View the Mission Mountains, the Missoula and Bitterroot Valleys, Flathead, Seeley, or any of the high mountain lakes in the area. We fly to any destination in Western Montana and Northern Idaho.

Special Events

We can help you plan your unique special events.  How about proposing marriage to that special one high atop a mountain or fly to such a secluded spot for romantic picnic?  We can provide transportation for the out-of-ordinary weddings or help spread the ashes of a loved one.


Cattle, sheep, horses: you name it, we can herd it. Herding animals with a helicopter is a cost effective way to make short work of gathering together a herd. With one single helicopter, hundreds of animals can be herded and brought into corrals without further assistance or in tandem with cowboys. Our helicopters provide a low cost-per-head solution.

Aerial Photography

Most aerial photographers work off of tight budgets. Time is money and that’s why our Enstrom helicopter is the perfect fit. With a low hourly cost and huge and spacious cabin work area, the Enstrom is a solid choice for photographers that need to get close to the action and maneuver within tight spaces and areas. Our Jet Ranger is equipped with rear sliding photography windows. MONTANA AERO, inc. has a pilot and aircraft to fit your project needs.

Survey and Inspection

Whatever the size and scope of the budget, MONTANA AERO, inc. can do it. We can patrol properties and monitor power lines, pipelines & cell phone towers, assess damages in troubled zones, and aid in news gathering services, Our staff is professional and will ensure that safety is the priority for your filming needs.

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